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Celebrating the Malbec World Day in Ottawa

On April 18, 2016 was held the 6th. Edition of Malbec World Day in Ottawa. The event took place in the official residence of the Argentine Embassy and had a large attendance.


Argentina has optimal natural conditions for the production of great wines: high altitude, continental and dry climates, a diversity of terroirs, low fertility soils, and pure melt water.

The Argentine wine industry has grown at high speed. Argentina is, in fact, the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. In this process of sustained development, the role of Malbec has been fundamental.

According to Tim Atkin, Malbec is our best wine and our global calling card. This variety is grown in all the wine regions of the country. 35% of the hectares planted in Argentina are Malbec and it represents 51% of sales abroad.

Malbec integrates the DNA of Argentina and, moreover, tells its story. A European variety that, fleeing a crisis, arrived in Argentina and was planted extensively to position itself as the country’s flagship grape. An immigrant varietal that explored and discovered the vastness of the Argentine wine regions. Malbec combines the knowledge of the Old World with the innovation, freshness and fruit of the New World.

Malbec adapted outstandingly to our terroirs, but it was thanks to the impetus of the Argentine wine industry which revealed its true potential: its versatility, elegance and opulence.

In the last 15 years, the phrase “superlative quality” has become a constant when referring to Argentine Malbec. With the creation and determination of each GI (Geographical Indication) new aromas, styles and structures are being discovered. Each Malbec has a seal of a particular origin; the quality and purity in the fruit stand out in each bottle. All over the world, those who enjoy this grape stress its consistency.

Malbec is entering a new phase of development, in which, without a doubt, as Luis Gutiérrez points out, “the sky is the limit” when it comes to growth. The point is that after Malbec, there are more Malbec’s to come.

The essence of Argentina is composed of diversity: landscapes, climates and soils. In his 2016 report, Stephen Tanzer shows that the strength of Malbec lies in its adaptability to different terroirs. Malbec demonstrates that it’s a versatile wine and the best communicator of the diversity of Argentina.

According to Antonini, Argentine wine is on its way to finding the structure and style of each of its geographical identities. The wineries are constantly increasing their knowledge of their own terroirs. Our wines are becoming more frank, more pure and authentic, positioning the country brand overseas.

Malbec, as an engine of winemaking, has become the centre of the most audacious innovations, giving a vigorous character to the vitiviniculture of the country over the last twenty years.

More info at http://www.malbecworldday.com/

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