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CALL FOR TENDERS: SBASE opens call for tenders for the engineering of future Line F of the Buenos Aires metro

Post date: 13/08/2019

A consultancy company will be in charge of the development of the project and technical specifications for the call for tenders of the new Line F, which will run from Barracas to Palermo neighborhoods, and of additional works on the Subterráneos de Buenos Aires S.E network.

(City of Buenos Aires, 15 July 2019) Subterráneos de Buenos Aires S.E (SBASE) has opened the call for tenders to hire a specialized consultancy company that will be responsible for the development of tender documents for the future Line F and for additional works on the Subterráneos de Buenos Aires S.E network.

During the first stage, of approximately three months, the conceptual preliminary design drawn up by SBASE (which includes the design plan, accessibility, circulation and evacuation of passengers, technical facilities, among others) will be validated and adjusted by means of analytical models and potential alternatives presented. After this, there will be a six-month period to develop all the necessary documents for the call for tenders for the construction of the line, including tender specifications, technical specifications and work plans.

In this respect, it will also comprise all the specializations such as power, signaling system, communications, lifting gear and rolling stock, among others.

Line F will play a fundamental role in the connectivity and intermodality of journeys in the city since 8 out of 13 stations will be interchange stations and it will have two transfer centers, in Constitución and Palermo neighborhoods.

It will be a modern line, constructed and equipped with state-of-the-art technology with regard to construction and operation.

For the first time in Argentina, Tunnel Boring Machine technology will be used for the construction of a metro line. This machine, used to excavate tunnels, has only been used in hydraulic projects so far.

In addition, the line will be fully automated (without conductors), with doors along the platforms. As regards design, the works aim for the rationalization, classification and industrialization of the stations.

The line will have an extension of 12 kilometers, running from Barracas to Palermo neighborhoods. It will feature 13 stations, 11 of which will be underground and 2 viaducts, allowing for the transportation of approximately 600,000 passengers on a daily basis. The budget for the construction of the new line is estimated at around USD 2 billion and, at present, different sources of funding are being evaluated.

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