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PROMESSe Project seminar in the Institute of Sciences of the Sea of ​​Rimouski

The Institute of Sciences of the Sea of ​​Rimouski (ISMER), based in the province of Quebec, held in March an important seminar called PROMESSe Project, which was invited by Ambassador Suárez Salvia and attended by the Chief of Staff of Minister Barañao, Dr. Alejandro Mentaberry.

The seminar was organized and coordinated by Argentinean professor and researcher Gustavo Ferreyra and was attended by researchers from various Argentine institutions (National University of Southern Patagonia, UBA, CONICET, CENPAT and MINCyT, among others) and the United States.

The opportunity was taken to make contact with the community of Argentine researchers and fellows, who, as part of the BECAR program, reside in Rimouski and develop activities in ISMER.

The Director of the Institute, Dr. Ariane Plourde, expressed her appreciation for the presence of the Argentine Embassy in Rimouski and reported on the expectations of continuing and increasing scientific exchanges.

Panels held during the morning of March 10 addressed the following issues:

- Possibilities to continue developing scientific cooperation and training in the sea (South Atlantic, Beagle Channel, Antarctica / Arctic, comparison of high latitudes in both hemispheres), teacher exchange;

- Québec Maritime Network, mode of operation of the Québec-Brest Maritime Institute (France) and prospects for the creation of similar Quebec-Tierra del Fuego;

- Proceeding in October of the BioMarine Business Convention in Rimouski

Subsequently, along with Dr. Ferreyra and Mentaberry, Ambassador Suárez Salvia was received by Rector of the Rimouski headquarters of the University of Quebec, Dr. Jean-Pierre Oullet, who reviewed the exchanges and cooperation projects in the field of Marine and Arctic / Antarctic research involving researchers from both countries.

Finally, visits were made to the Global San Lorenzo Observatory and the Pointe-au-Pere Maritime Station.

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