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2. Main sectors

Updated date: 07/07/2022

Oil and gas

Argentina has a long history as a world-class producer, with natural, professional and high-level technological resources that create solid conditions for the growth of the oil industry in the country. Thanks to its rich reserves, Argentina has the potential to become a world-class energy supplier, with participation in global energy markets through crude oil and gas exports.

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Argentina's wealth covers an enormous territorial extension for the exploitation of sustainable mining (75% is still unexplored) and has the capacity to multiply the production of lithium, gold, silver and copper. The country is also a producer of lime, borates, gypsum, bentonite, granites and porphyry; and has the potential for exploration of potassium, uranium and critical elements such as rare earths, cobalt, nickel, vanadium, antimony, wolfram, graphite and manganese.

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Global Services

Global services are a mature industry in Argentina, with more than a decade of steady growth, favoured by the talent of the human capital, the benefits of the time zone, the business environment and the quality of the local technological infrastructure.

Argentina is a leader in software development and export, with more than 4,200 software companies in the country. It is a Latin American reference in technological services applied to agriculture (AgTech) and is becoming increasingly important in video games and FinTech.

More information at: https://www.inversionycomercio.ar/en/investments-sectors-globalservices


Telecommunications, media and technology

Due to its strategic geographical location in the region, Argentina has the potential to capture the growth of local and regional digital traffic, with a clear opportunity to meet the growing demand, improve the quality and speed of connectivity, and make room for new technologies such as 5G. It is expected that in the next 5 years, the growth of the antenna network will generate investment opportunities for US$ 5 billion.

In addition, Argentina has everything to become a regional hub for massive data centers and consolidate the technological leadership of the region, based on the data center promotion plan promoted by the national government that incorporates specific legislation in line with the requirements of the industry.

More information at: https://www.inversionycomercio.ar/en/investments-sectors-telecommunications-media-and-technology


Due to its unique landscapes, the variety of climates and ecosystems and the attractiveness of its culture and gastronomy, Argentina is a world-class destination with a significant growth potential that is reflected in the growing inflow of international tourists.

Argentina is a scenario that offers exceptional conditions for sector projects in tune with the trends and new demands that are emerging and taking hold in the context of the pandemic.
With a unique commitment to the preservation of its natural areas, Argentina invites investors to develop ecotourism projects that combine visitor services, sustainable infrastructure and experiences of contact with nature.

More information at: https://www.inversionycomercio.ar/en/investments-sectors-tourism



Argentina is known worldwide for its agricultural industry, with excellent climate and soil conditions, a human capital with a long tradition in the sector, and a high adoption of technology for working the land. Among the niche sectors is the animal protein sector, with opportunities to increase livestock production and supply the growing local demand thanks to the country's grain surplus.

The forestry industry is also a growing sector, which has the potential to develop large industrial projects related to wood processing. There are also opportunities within the forestry sector mainly in the approach of funds from multilateral agencies and climate finance, carbon credits as well as the use of wood waste as a form of renewable energy generation.

With regards to organic food, Argentina has the foundations to become a strong global competitor and the potential to double the country's production of organic fruits and vegetables.

More information at: https://www.inversionycomercio.ar/en/investments-sectors-agroindustry

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